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Spectral Background Intensity in dc Arcs as a Reference in Quantitative Analysis

Volume 25, Number 5 (Oct. 1971) Page 529-538

Frank, P.; Hahn-Weinheimer, P.; Markl, G.

The spectral relationships of background radiation and sample composition have been studied for synthetic glasses (2500-3500 Å) and sulfates of alkaline earths (2900-4700 Å) in gas-stabilized dc arcs (15-28 A). The influence of lithium metaborate as a spectrochemical buffer on background radiation and on evaporation of the alkaline earths has been examined. This buffer was found to improve the reproducibility of line intensities. The spectral distribution of the relative background intensity has been determined with the aid of the standard radiation of the carbon anode crater and compared with other authors' results. Electron recombination and molecule continua substantially contribute to continuous radiation. The background intensity was found to be at least as good a reference as an internal standard, particularly because it is applicable for quite a wide spectral range.