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Variation of the Electronic Transition Moment and the Effective Vibrational Temperature in 48006700-A System of MnO Molecule

Volume 25, Number 5 (Oct. 1971) Page 554-556

Dube, Prem Shankar; Chaudhry, A.K.; Baruah, G.D.; Rai, D.K.

The 4800-6700-Å system of MnO has been excited in an arc. Using the photographic photometry, the relative band intensities have been measured. The data were interpreted with the aid of Franck-Condon factors and r centroids. The electronic transition moment is found to vary according to the relation Re(r) = const(1- 3.192 r+1.99r2), where 1.736≤r≤ 1.90 Å. The slope of the straight line plot of logΣν″ I4 against G′(ν′) for ν′ progression gives an estimate of effective vibrational temperature to be 3860 K.