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Direct Nebulization of Metal Samples for Flame Atomic-Emission and Absorption Spectroscopy

Volume 25, Number 6 (Dec. 1971) Page 636-642

Winge, Royce K.; Fassel, Velmer A.; Kniseley, Richard N.

A device for transforming solid-metal samples into an aerosol of fine metal particles has been combined with a flame spectroscopic method for the determination of trace impurities and alloying elements in steels. The aerosol generator is a simple apparatus in which the sample serves as the cathode of a low-current dc-arc discharge. Constant movement of the cathode spot results in uniform sampling of a relatively large area. A flowing gas stream transports the aerosol particles from the arc discharge to the nitrous oxide-acetylene flame. Analytical curves for the determination of chromium, manganese, and nickel in steel are shown. The method provides a very rapid means of determining trace elements and alloy constituents in metals without the complications attendant to dissolution procedures.