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Electronic Absorption Spectrum of 2,4-Dibromoaniline in Vapor

Volume 26, Number 1 (Feb. 1972) Page 107-107

Verma, V.N.; Nair, K.P.R.; Rai, D.K.

The near ultraviolet absorption spectrum of 2,4-dibromoaniline in vapor phase has been photographed for the first time on a Q-24 Zeiss Medium Quartz Spectrograph. The quartz to Pyrex graded seal cells were used. The conventional hydrogen lamp was the source of continuous radiation. The tube lengths were varied from 50 to 125 cm and the temperatures from 30° to 80°C. The sharp bands appear with a cell of length 100 cm at the temperature 43°C. The spectra were photographed on Kodak B10 plates.