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Vibrational Analyses of N-Substituted Aziridines. II. Sulfinylbis(1-Aziridine)

Volume 26, Number 1 (Feb. 1972) Page 86-92

Spell, H.L.; Laane, J.

The normal vibrations of sulfinylbis(1-aziridine) have been assigned assuming Cs symmetry for the molecule. The ir absorption peaks arising from the sulfoxide group were identified from the measurement of frequency shifts produced by intermolecular association of the sulfoxide linkage with chloroform. The remainder of the spectra were assigned by comparison with the analogous carbonyl compound and with ethyleneimine. The spectra of sulfinylbis(1-aziridine) recorded at room temperature and 77°K suggest the existence of rotational isomers at room temperature.