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Comparison of Different Fluorimetric Signals for the Simultaneous Multivariate Determination of Tocopherols in Vegetable Oils

Volume 60, Number 2 (Feb. 2006) Page 194-202

Galeano Díaz, T.; Durán-Merás, I.; Rodríguez Cáceres, M.I.; Roldán Murillo, B.

This paper deals with the simultaneous determination of the quaternary mixture of tocopherols (α-, β-, γ-, and δ-T) performed using fluorimetric techniques and partial least squares (PLS-1) multivariate analysis. In this study, PLS-1 was applied to matrices made up of fluorescence excitation and emission spectra (EEM) and with fluorescence excitation, emission, and synchronous spectra (EESM) of tocopherols dissolved in hexane: diethyl ether (70:30 v/v). A calibration set of 55 samples based in a central composite plus a full factorial plus a fractionated factorial design was constructed. When synthetic samples were analyzed, recoveries around 100% were obtained and detection limits were calculated using EEM and EESM. For the analysis of the oils, the samples, diluted in hexane, were cleaned in silica cartridges and tocopherols were eluted with hexane: diethyl ether (90:10 v/v). The developed method was applied to different edible oils. The results are satisfactory for α-, β-, and γ-, but they are worse for δ-T.