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On the Determination of Oxygen in Organic Solvents Using an Inductively Coupled Plasma

Volume 39, Number 5 (Oct. 1985) Page 872-877

Hauser, Peter Ch.; Blades, M.W.

The application of an inductively coupled plasma spectrometer, equipped with a linear photodiode array detector, to the determination of total oxygen in compounds dissolved in xylene has been investigated. Sample introduction was achieved with the use of a concentric nebulizer, and nonresonant, near-infrared emission lines were used for detection. A torch that prevents the entrainment of atmospheric oxygen and that is not susceptible to the buildup of carbon deposits was developed for this application. It was found that the measured emission intensity is dependent on both the concentration of oxygen and the boiling point of the oxygen-containing compound that is dissolved in the xylene. The detection limit for oxygen determination was found to be 0.070% total oxygen.