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Spectrochemical Analysis by Means of the D.C. Carbon Arc

Volume 10, Number 3 (Aug. 1956) Page 128-137

Addink, N.W.H.; Dikhoff, J.A.M.; Schipper, C.; Witmer, A.; Groot, T.

A complete description of the constant temperature arc method of quantitative analysis which has been developed in Eindhoven is given, with tables of the empirically determined K-values reported so that they can be checked in other laboratories. The method consists of completely volatilizing 5 mg. of a powdered sample in a shallow anodic crater of a carbon arc, with the addition of materials to modify the rate of volatilization if required. The line intensities are calibrated and corrections are made by comparison with selected Fe lines, originating from a "standard light source" so as to get comparable analytical results; the calculations required are illustrated by several examples, which indicate the relativè accuracy of the method to be approximately 10%.