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Identification and Determination of Oxygen-Containing Inorganosulfur Compounds by Laser Raman Spectrometry

Volume 39, Number 5 (Oct. 1985) Page 822-827

Sato, Soei; Higuchi, Seiichiro; Tanaka, Shigeyuki

A new method for the analysis of oxygen-containing inorganosulfur compounds was developed utilizing laser Raman spectrometry. The Raman spectra in the 1400-200 cm−1 region was observed for nine different oxygen-containing inorganosulfur compounds dissolved in aqueous solutions and in the solid states. The Raman spectra of these compounds exhibited the characteristic spectral features for oxygen-sulfur inorganic compounds. The relation between the Raman frequencies and the chemical structures of the compounds is discussed in terms of characteristic group frequencies analysis and structural parameters. A table of these characteristic Raman bands and the quantitative aspects for the determination for some of these compounds in aqueous solution are also reported. With the use of the thiocyanate ion as an internal standard, the relation between the peak intensities and concentrations of the compounds exhibited good linearity. It is also found that simultaneous determination of several different compounds is possible. The laser Raman spectroscopic method is shown to be very useful for the structural analysis, identification, and determination of these compounds in solid states and in aqueous solutions.