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Adaptation of the X-Ray Milliprobe for the Examination of Small Single Crystals Obtained from Lunar Samples

Volume 26, Number 2 (April 1972) Page 313-315

Evans, Howard T.; Christian, Ralph P.

In this laboratory the x-ray milliprobe apparatus is in standard use for the analysis by x-ray fluorescence under x-ray excitation of samples as small as 1 mm in a flat specimen section. The instrument is a General Electric model XRD6 semifocusing spectrometer. In the holder the specimen is bathed in intense tungsten (or chromium) radiation from a type EA-75 dual target x-ray tube and the excited radiation is collimated by a 1-mm beam tunnel. The collimated x-radiation is then analyzed with a curved LiF crystal and detected with a flow proportional counter. Four different analyzing crystals are available to provide optimum focusing over a wide range of wave-lengths. The apparatus and procedure have been described by Rose et al.