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A Rapid Matching Technique for Semi-Quantitative Spectrochemical Analysis

Volume 10, Number 3 (Aug. 1956) Page 150-154

Hodge, Edwin S.; Baer, William K.

Several widely-used methods of qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis involve the visual estimation of line intensity. The subjective nature of such observations and the repetitious handling of plates or films have led to the development of a visual intensity scale.

A selected single line at several different intensities was enlarged to make a transparent intensity scale. This was placed behind the viewing screen of an ARL projection-comparator. A table of intensities measured by the scale was prepared for about 40 elements ranging from 0.0001 to 30% concentration. Using the scale and the table, over 90% of the individual determinations on 25 standard samples were in agreement with the certified values.

The advantages of this technique include faster analysis, freedom from handling standard spectrograms on plates or films, elimination of eye strain in using a plate magnifier, and the elimination of comparison of lines intensities by memory.