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Some Applications of the Micro-Volume Technique to Emission Spectrochemistry and Metallurgy

Volume 10, Number 3 (Aug. 1956) Page 124-128

Hurwitz, J.K.

To obtain the necessary data required for the study of segregation and diffusion phenomena in metals and alloys, a rapid quantitative technique has been developed. In this technique, the specimen is moved over a spark discharge while the photographic plate is lowered so that each point in the spectrum corresponds approximately to the analysis of a point on the specimen. A theory has been developed which takes into consideration the measurable instrumental variables and which predicts quantitatively the observed intensities in the spectrum when a region of rapidly changing composition is traversed. The practical significance of these variables is indicated. An example of the analysis of segregates is given, and an outline of the method to be applied to specimens in which diffusion has occurred is described. From an investigation of the sparking-off effect in the spectrochemistry of zinc-base alloys, a procedure was evolved by which this effect can be eliminated.