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An Evaluation of a Premixed Meker-Type Flame as an Atom Reservoir for Atomic Fluorescence

Volume 26, Number 2 (April 1972) Page 296-301

Slevin, P.J.; Muscat, V.I.; Vickers, T.J.

The characteristics of a sheathed Méker-type burner (Alkemade burner) in producing a flame atom reservoir for atomic fluorescence measurements have been investigated. Comparative measurements of interferences, atomization efficiency, spatial distribution of atoms, and atomic fluorescence of Sn were made. The effect of phosphate anion on the alkaline earth elements has been used as the basis of comparison of interferences with the sheathed burner and several commercial premix burners. The efficiency of atomization of the burner has been compared with a Techtron burner with Méker-type head. Lateral and radial atom profiles for Ca have been measured in observing the effect of sheathing on the atomic distribution, and the benefits of sheathing are demonstrated in the measurement of the atomic fluorescence of Sn. It is concluded that the sheathed burner is markedly better than standard Méker-type burners for atomic fluorescence measurements.