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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Substituted s-Triazines in Solution

Volume 26, Number 2 (April 1972) Page 309-310

Haque, R.; Lilley, S.

Substituted s-triazines are biologically active compounds and are commonly used as herbicides. The proton magnetic resonance (PMR) spectra of several 2, 4 substituted triazines has been reported by Declerck et al. The s-triazine herbicides described by the general formula (I) are readily adsorbed on surfaces and are protonated when (R1, R2, R3, or R4 are alkyl group or H); (Y=Cl, OCH3, or SCH3) an acidic proton is available on the

[Equation 1]

surface. In this paper we shall present the PMR spectra of several s-triazines. Studies have also been carried to investigate the PMR spectra of these compounds in a strongly protonating trifluoro acetic acid (TFA) as solvent.