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The Correlation between Gaseous Atomic Spectra and the Absorption Spectra of Atoms Isolated in Noble-Gas Matrices

Volume 26, Number 2 (April 1972) Page 184-217

Carstens, H.W.; Brashear, Wayne; Eslinger, Delano R.; Gruen, Dieter M.

Although matrix perturbations affect the energies and intensities of atomic transitions, it has been found that the complex spectra of matrix-isolated metal atoms correlated remarkably well with electronic transitions involving the ground state of the analogous gaseous atoms. A series of line drawings is therefore presented which depict these transitions for 64 neutral gaseous elements. In addition a set of tables is included which gives the intensities and energies of all experimentally observed gaseous transitions involving the atomic ground state. The electronic configurations and state designations for the various states involved in these transitions are also listed. Two examples of the correlation between the spectra of gaseous and matrix-isolated atoms, are discussed, these being Cu and Pt in an Ar matrix.