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Improved Monochromatic Imaging Spectrometer

Volume 60, Number 1 (Jan. 2006) Page 57-60

Webb, Michael R.; Hieftje, Gary M.

Distortion inherent to a previously described system for acquisition of two-dimensional monochromatic spatial images is described. A solution is offered in the form of an improved instrument. The system uses a Czerny-Turner monochromator for spectral discrimination and a charge-coupled device (CCD) as the detector. A second Czerny-Turner monochromator, with identical dimensions, is added to correct the distortion, albeit with a slight loss in spatial resolution. With the earlier uncorrected arrangement, spatial resolution was on the order of 0.1 mm vertically and 0.3 mm horizontally, with a magnification of 0.52. With the same magnification, the new, corrected system offers spatial resolution of 0.1 mm vertically and 0.4 mm horizontally.