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Influence of the Mosaic Effect on the Intensity of Infrared Bands

Volume 26, Number 3 (June 1972) Page 389-395

Jakeš, J.; Slabina, M.; Schneider, B.

By theoretical analysis and experiment, we have found that absorbances of small amounts of powder or fibrous material dispersed uniformly in a transparent medium obey the Lambert-Beers law. Expressions were derived describing the distortion of the absorbance coefficients due to the mosaic effect for the cases of spheres of a given diameter, for cylinders of a given diameter randomly oriented with respect to the beam direction, and for plates of a given thickness randomly oriented. In addition, the distortion function was tabulated for the cylinders. The mosaic effect decreases at higher concentration of measured substance. If the absorption in passing a single grain is less than 8%, the mosaic effect is less than 5% and may be neglected.