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A Fourier Transform Spectrometer for UV and Visible Measurements of Atomic Emission Sources

Volume 39, Number 5 (Oct. 1985) Page 800-804

Stubley, E.A.; Horlick, G.

A versatile Michelson interferometer system capable of Fourier transform spectrochemical measurements from the UV to the infrared has been developed in our laboratory. Laser fringe referencing is used in the interferometer system to sequence digitization, and interferograms are signal averaged under white-light interferogram control. Interferograms are acquired and transformed with a PDP-11 minicomputer. Interfacing between the interferometer and the PDP-11 is accomplished with the use of a 6502-based-microprocessor-controlled system. Modifications to the interferometer system are described and its application to atomic spectrochemical measurements at wavelengths as short as 200 nm is briefly illustrated.