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A Simple Furnace for Obtaining High Temperature Raman Spectra

Volume 26, Number 3 (June 1972) Page 400-401

Begun, G.M.

We have recently studied the Raman spectra of several fused salt systems using laser excitation. The materials to be studied in these experiments were sealed in small (45 to 5 mm o.d. × 5 cm long) glass or quartz tubes under vacuum. The sample tubes were then wrapped with lengths of nichrome or platinum wire spaced widely enough to allow passage of light between the turns. To observe the Raman spectra, a sample tube was clamped in the spectrometer in a position such that the laser beam penetrated the sample at right angles to the tube axis. The scattered light was collected at right angles to both the sample tube and the laser beam. To provide adequate temperature control, the heating wire was connected to several variacs in series.