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Infrared Spectra-Structure Correlations for Substituted Cyclobutane Compounds

Volume 26, Number 3 (June 1972) Page 378-381

Carter, Roscoe O.; Katon, J.E.; Bentley, F.F.

The ir spectra of 14 substituted cyclobutanes have been recorded over the range 4000 to 200 cm−1. Attempts have been made to find useful spectra-structure correlations which would serve for identification of the cyclobutane ring system. Six fairly narrow regions of absorption have been identified in which nearly all of the compounds absorb, but the correlation bands vary in intensity rather widely. Comparison of the data with that for simple cyclobutane derivatives which have undergone detailed spectral assignment shows that the correlation bands do not always arise from the same vibration. The consistencies of the absorptions nevertheless indicate some potential for their use in detecting, or confirming, the presence of the cyclobutane ring system.