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Investigations Concerning Light Sources for Spectrum Analysis IX. Electronically Controlled High Voltage D.C. Spark Source with Wide Frequency Range

Volume 10, Number 4 (Nov. 1956) Page 183-190

Bardocz, A.

An electronically controlled d.c. high voltage spectrographic spark source, operating in a frequency range between 10 and 1100 cycles per second, is described. The spark discharges are controlled by a thyratron tube connected in parallel to the analytical spark gap. In the range of higher sparking frequencies, an air jet is applied to the controlling spark gap. The condenser supplying the exciting energy is fed from a high capacity condenser. The high capacity condenser is charged by a high voltage transformer through a rectifying element. The thyratron tube controlling the spark discharges is operated by a pulse generator, which sends various igniting signals to its grid. The pulse generator consists of a free running multivibrator and the pulse former Spark sources with conventional air-interrupter type controlling spark gaps are compared to the one described.