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Recording Infrared Spectra for Quantitative Analysis

Volume 10, Number 4 (Nov. 1956) Page 191-192

Perry, John A.; Bain, George H.; Traver, Ward B.

Potential speed in acquisition of data, intrinsic wavelength reproducibility, and permanence make recorded spectra desirable sources of quantitative data. To permit using the Perkin-Elmer Model 21 spectrophotometer for quantitative work, optimum operating conditions for recording infrared spectra have been determined in a statistical study. Slits should be set as wide as consistent with analytical requirements but short of causing pen oscillation. Zero transmittance should be set with the help of a transmission reference, such as a screen. Suppression value and mode of slit operation do not significantly affect error. With these procedures, spectra can be recorded with a precision of 0.25% transmittance.