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Computer Time Averaging of Laser Raman Spectra for Matrix-Isolated Species

Volume 26, Number 4 (Aug. 1972) Page 479-480

Hatzenbuhler, Douglas A.; Smardzewski, Richard R.; Andrews, Lester

With the recent development of commercially available laser-Raman spectrometers, many previously impossible types of experiments are now being performed. One of these areas of research is the laser-Raman spectroscopy of matrix-isolated samples. In this application, relatively weak signals (from the dilute sample of interest) are measured with large amounts of background scatter from the matrix material. Thus, back-ground signals as large as 1 × 10−8 A must be suppressed while the peak signals of interest may be as small as ∼0.1 × 10−9 A; under these conditions the signal-to-noise ratio becomes the limiting factor in obtaining useful spectra.