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Experimental Method for Determining the Damping Parameter of Spectral Lines Emitted by a Microwave Plasma at Atmospheric Pressure

Volume 59, Number 12 (Dec. 2005) Page 1457-1464

Santiago, I.; García, M.C.; Calzada, M.D.

In this work, a simple method for experimentally obtaining the value of the damping parameter or a-parameter of the spectral lines emitted by an argon plasma generated at atmospheric pressure is presented. The value of this coefficient indicates the proportion existing between the Lorentzian and Doppler components of the total line profile, which can be approximated to a Voigt function for our experimental conditions. The a-parameter values found were within the value interval recorded in the literature. The results obtained showed that the damping coefficient of the lines next to the fundamental level remains practically constant along the plasma column, whereas for the spectral lines involving high-lying levels, the a-parameter is sensitive to the changes in the electron density in the plasma. In this work it is also proved that the self-absorption phenomenon induces errors in the calculation of a, due to an increase in the broadening of the line profile produced by this phenomenon.