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Volume 11, Number 1 (Feb. 1957) Page 48-49

Baum, J.; Nachod, F.C.

The practicing spectroscopist working in the infrared field has taken with alacrity to the solid phase KBr disc or pellet method as testified in the literature. Improvements dictated by conservation of time and material have resulted in several commercial instruments for rapid and thorough mixing and grinding of the two solid components, viz. sample and KBr powder. However, one of the most difficult and annoying requirements is the dispensing of 10 small stainless steel balls of 2.5 mm. diameter into the vial containing the solids prior to mixing them (e.g. for use in Perkin-Elmer KBr vibrator). Any analyst unfamiliar with the technique should try this manipulation with a pair of tweezers in order to appreciate the concomitant frustrations thus produced. The writers have devised a small all-glass dispenser (Figures 1 and 2) which can be fashioned by an experienced glassblower in less than 1 hour. the 27 mm distance between the two vertical rods is that required to meter out exactly 10 balls of the designated size.