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Coal Ash Analysis with an Argon Plasma Emission Excitation Source

Volume 27, Number 1 (Feb. 1973) Page 41-42

Karacki, Susanne S.; Corcoran, Fred L.

Knowledge of the composition of coal ash and related materials has become important today in the investigation of air and water pollution, coal miners' pneumoconiosis, and strip mine reclamation as well as in the traditional investigation of clinkering and slagging problems in industrial use. Simplified procedures are needed to analyze these materials. In 1962, Gibson and Ode published a rapid method for analyzing coal ash based on colorimetric, flame photometric, and chelatometric titration techniques. This procedure, although faster and more direct than classical wet chemical procedures, requires two dissolutions per sample plus numerous reagents and dilutions. A more desirable route to the analysis of coal ash would involve the preparation of a single solution that could be analyzed directly.