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High-Speed Gas ChromatographyMultiplex Coherent Raman Analysis of BTEX

Volume 59, Number 11 (Nov. 2005) Page 1310-1314

Chen, Peter C.; Cottingham, Kyndra A.; Royster, Rebecca M.; Joyner, Candace C.

Gas chromatography-multiplex coherent Raman (GC-MCR) is a new tandem technique that can be used for the high-speed analysis of volatile mixtures. BTEX serves as a useful and challenging test sample because of the similarity in boiling point and spectroscopic properties of its constituents. The ability to spectroscopically resolve isomers (e.g., m-xylene and p-xylene) allows GC-MCR to sacrifice chromatographic resolution for speed. The result is the analysis of BTEX in less than 5 min, which is relatively fast compared with other tandem GC techniques.