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Simultaneous Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Infrared Spectroscopy Using an Infrared Microsampling Accessory (IRMA) and FT-IR

Volume 40, Number 3 (April 1986) Page 417-420

Mirabella, Francis M.

The capability of simultaneously measuring thermal property response and infrared spectra on specimens of microscopic dimensions can provide important insight into structural changes associated with thermal response for a wide range of systems. The simultaneous measurement of the thermal response in a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) and the infrared spectra in an FT-IR can provide this capability. In particular, the use of a DSC cell adapted for microscopic observation during thermal treatment, combined with an infrared microsampling accessory (IRMA) in an FT-IR, permits the simultaneous collection of such data. The range of applications of such a technique is undoubtedly immense. The various phase transitions and thermal responses of crystalline and amorphous polymers, polymer blends and copolymers, and liquid crystalline polymers, as well as small molecules, could be correlated with the structural information derivable from the simultaneously collected infrared spectra. This would permit studies of reaction and crystallization kinetics, oxidation, efficacy of additives, etc.