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Analysis of Lateritic Material from Cerro Impacto by Instrumental Neutron Activation Employing a Low-Energy Photon Semiconductor and a High-Energy Ge(Li) Detector

Volume 40, Number 2 (Feb. 1986) Page 140-144

Labrecque, J.J.; Beusen, J.M.; Van Grieken, R.E.

Nineteen elements were determined in four different grain size fractions of a bulk geological material from Cerro Impacto for a study of the physical (mechanical) concentration process of different elements based upon the hardness of the different minerals. The analysis was performed by excitation of the sample with a high, slow neutron flux followed by gamma-ray spectroscopy with both a conventional Ge(Li) high-energy detector and a low-energy photon detector (LEPD). The accuracy of this method was studied with the use of two standard reference materials, SY-2 and SY-3, which are similar to the real samples. The values determined were also compared with a secondary target x-ray fluorescence method for all the elements that were suitable to both methods. Actually, the x-ray fluorescence method was found to be more complementary than competitive.