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Far Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of Matrix-Isolated Species

Volume 27, Number 2 (April 1973) Page 137-139

Guillory, W.A.; Smith, G.R.

For some years now, a number of research laboratories have been interested in obtaining the far infrared spectra of matrix-isolated molecules. High temperature chemists, for example, have been concerned with observing low frequency vibrational motions of a variety of species generated from Knudsen ovens. The observation of these low frequency (bending) modes can be critical in the determination of the molecular structure and consequently the accuracy of thermodynamic functions which are determined. This application has been the subject of a recent review. Other areas of interest requiring the use of far infrared techniques include the study of the pure rotational spectra of matrix-isolated hydrogen halides, the study of impurity-induced lattice modes in molecular crystals, and the study of transition metal halides.