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Apodization and Phase Information in Fourier Transform Spectroscopy

Volume 27, Number 2 (April 1973) Page 85-92

Codding, Edward G.; Horlick, Gary

This paper presents, in a qualitative and practical manner, several aspects of apodization and the utilization of phase information in Fourier transform spectroscopy. For completeness, examples are presented which illustrate the effects on spectra of applying the more common apodizations. The calculation of phase information is formulated, and the type of information available in phase spectra is discussed and illustrated. The use of phase information in phase correction is discussed, and several examples are presented which illustrate the necessity of employing phase correction in conjunction with certain apodizations. Several unique apodizing functions are illustrated, including a sawtooth function which is quite useful for resolution enhancement. Finally, examples of instrumental and self-apodization are presented.