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Passive Standoff Detection of SF6 at a Distance of 5.7 km by Differential Fourier Transform Infrared Radiometry

Volume 59, Number 10 (Oct. 2005) Page 1189-1193

Lavoie, Hugo; Puckrin, Eldon; Thériault, Jean-Marc; Bouffard, François

Recent results are presented on the passive detection, identification, and quantification of a vapor cloud of SF6 measured at a horizontal standoff distance of 5.7 km using a dual-beam interferometer optimized for background signal suppression. The measurements were performed at Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC)-Valcartier during a number of recent open-air experiments. The measurement approach is based on the differential passive standoff detection method that has been developed by DRDC Valcartier during the past few years. This work represents the first such measurement reported in the open literature for a standoff distance as large as 5.7 km. These results clearly demonstrate the capability of the differential radiometry approach to the detection, identification, and quantification of chemical vapor clouds located at long distances from the sensor.