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The Vibrational Spectrum and Urey-Bradley Force Constants of the Trifluoromethyltrifluoroborate(1-) Anion

Volume 27, Number 3 (June 1973) Page 209-213

Jackovitz, John F.; Falletta, Charles E.; Carter, James C.

Infrared and Raman spectra for (K+) (CF3BF3) have been obtained from 4000 to 50 cm−1. Spectral assignments were made on the basis of C3v symmetry using both 10B and 11B compounds. In addition, a normal coordinate analysis was performed to obtain the potential energy distribution of the normal modes. A Urey-Bradley type force field was used, and force constants obtained for the CF3 and BF3 groupings were compared to those in C2F6 and BF4.