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Matrix Isolation Infrared Studies of Magnesium Chloride and Magnesium Bromide

Volume 27, Number 4 (Aug. 1973) Page 260-264

Cocke, D.L.; Chang, C.A.; Gingerich, K.A.

The infrared spectra of monomeric and dimeric magnesium chloride and monomeric magnesium bromide trapped in solid argon at 4 to 10°K have been obtained. For the monomer MgCl2, two band systems were observed at 603 and 585 cm−1. The two bands appear to result from different matrix sites. For the MgBr2 monomer an intense band system was observed in the region 490 to 530 cm−1 with three strong bands at 592, 509, and 520 cm−1 and shoulders at 495 and 526 cm−1. The origin of these observed multiplets is uncertain but may also result from different matrix sites. For the dimer Mg2Cl4, bands were observed at 504, 410, and 515 cm−1. These frequencies are shown to be consistent with an assumed chlorine bridged structure.