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Optimization of Instrumental Parameters in an Automated Nonflame Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer

Volume 27, Number 5 (Oct. 1973) Page 355-361

Goode, S.R.; Montaser, Akbar; Crouch, S.R.

A fully automated nonflame atomic fluorescence (AF) spectrometer has been constructed to facilitate a critical study of how the atomization process is affected by varying the experimental parameters. A hot wire loop atomizer is evaluated and fully optimized for atomic fluorescence spectrometry. A laboratory minicomputer or a hardware logic control system directs the spectrometer operation, including sample delivery to the atomizer, application of electrical current to heat the atomizer, data acquisition, and mathematical analysis of the data. The relative standard deviation of the data is 4 to 7%. Under most conditions on-line data processing allows variation and optimization of the parameters in real time. The optimum parameters for a platinum loop AF spectrometer are presented along with typical analytical data.