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Application of AND and Exclusive-Or (XOR) Logic Operations to the Identification of Elemental Emission Spectra Measured Using a Photodiode Array Direct Reading Spectrometer

Volume 27, Number 5 (Oct. 1973) Page 366-370

Codding, Edward G.; Horlick, Gary

Direct current arc emission spectra have been measured for 35 elements over a 140 Å range in the 3240 to 3380 Å region employing a monochromator self-scanned linear silicon photodiode array detector system. Each spectrum was reduced to a binary representation by compressing the spectral intensity information such that a logic 1 and a logic 0 represented the presence and absence of spectral features. It is shown that with the application of the logic operations AND and exclusive-or (XOR) it is possible to identify uniquely each of the 35 elemental emission spectra. The feasibility of extending the procedure to multicomponent spectra is illustrated and discussed.