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Nondestructive Determination of Areal Density and Tritium Content of Tritided Erbium Films with Beta-Excited X-rays

Volume 27, Number 6 (Dec. 1973) Page 450-453

Pearson, J.E.

The x-ray spectrum emitted from a tritided erbium film as a result of the beta decay is used to determine areal density and tritium content of the film. A Si(Li) detector and a dedicated minicomputer are used for detection, acquisition, and data reduction. The technique is suitable for areal densities of erbium from 0.01 mg/cm2 to as high as 10 mg/cm2. The occluded tritium can be measured from less than one to several hundred microliters. Precision is generally determined by counting errors and is typically less than 1% for a 5-min count while accuracy depends upon the empirical calibration technique.