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A Photodiode Array Fourier Transform Spectrometer Based on a Birefringent Interferometer

Volume 40, Number 5 (July 1986) Page 691-695

Okamoto, Takayuki; Kawata, Satoshi; Minami, Shigeo

A new version of the photodiode array Fourier transform spectrometer for visible spectroscopy is described. In this version, a birefringent interferometer with a Wollaston prism produces a spatial interferogram the of the radiation, which is detected by a linear photodiode array. In addition to the merit of having no mechanical moving parts, this spectrometer has the beneficial advantage of the simple and rugged optical setup and alignment due to its common-path and in-line interferometer formation. These advantages lend this spectrometer to field-use applications. Emission spectra of a low-pressure mercury lamp and a light-emitting diode and an absorption spectrum of a didymium glass filter measured by the developed spectrometer are presented.