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Spatially Resolved Stress Analysis in Al2O3/3Y-TZP Multilayered Composite Using Confocal Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Volume 59, Number 8 (Aug. 2005) Page 1042-1048

Zhu, Wenliang; Pezzotti, Giuseppe

Fluorescence piezo-spectroscopy (PS) was applied to evaluate the residual stress fields stored in a multilayered Al2O3/3Y-TZP (3 mol% Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2) composite using the chromophoric fluorescence spectra of Al2O3. The PS results were compared with a theoretical stress distribution in the laminate, calculated according to a repeating unit cell model. However, in practical fluorescence spectroscopy, each measurement point corresponded to a finite volume of material, within which the scattered light experienced fluorescence wavelengths characteristic of the local (weight-average) stress fields. Because of the finite volume of material probed in PS measurements, a comparison between the experimental and calculated values requires that the calculated stresses be convoluted according to the depth-response function of the probe. A pinhole aperture incorporated in the Raman microprobe was used to control the collection probe depth and to modulate the portion of the whole fluorescence emission reaching the detector. According to calibrations of the probe depth and probe response function, probe-convoluted stresses were obtained and a spatially resolved mapping of residual stresses could be obtained.