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Rapid Determination of Bismuth and Lead in Iron-and Nickel-Base Alloy Chips

Volume 27, Number 6 (Dec. 1973) Page 464-466

Atwell, M.G.; Golden, G.S.

A rapid emission spectographic method for the determination of traces of bismuth and lead in a wide variety of iron- and nickel-base alloys is reported. The sample, in the form of chips, filings, or drillings, is mixed with lithium carbonate, placed in an anode cup electrode, and excited in a dc arc. Detection limits of approximately 0.2 ppm for bismuth and 0.4 ppm for lead may be realized, depending on the alloy. Working curves may be prepared from a single standard of each alloy by using variable weights in a series of electrodes. Precision and accuracy data for a number of alloys are presented.