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Laser-Raman Spectra of Gaseous BiBr3 and PbCl2

Volume 27, Number 6 (Dec. 1973) Page 428-430

Maroni, Victor A.; Cunningham, Paul T.

Raman spectra are reported for gaseous BiBr3 and PbCl2 at temperatures just above their boiling points. The strong resonance fluorescence due to subhalide species that is normally observed in these vapors (with 4880 Å excitation) was suppressed by addition of equimolar amounts of the corresponding mercuric halide. The observed Raman bands for the BiBr3-HgBr2 sample, which are attributable to BiBr3, confirm a pyramidal structure having C3v point symmetry. The spectrum attributable to PbCl2 in the case of the PbCl2-HgCl2 sample is consistent with a symmetric bent structure.