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Spectral Characteristics of a New Spectrometer Design for Atomic Emission Spectroscopy

Volume 40, Number 6 (Aug. 1986) Page 813-821

Karanassios, V.; Horlick, G.

Recently a new commercial spectrometer has been developed that combines a linear photodiode array detector and an echelle spectrometer with a very unique dispersion/selection/recombination line selector. In this system, light from a source such as an ICP is first predispersed with the use of a low-resolution (0.5 M) concave grating polychromator. Desired narrow-wavelength regions are selected with the use of a slotted mask in the focal plane of this polychromator. The selected wavelengths transmitted by this mask are then recombined into a parallel quasi-white beam with the use of a concave mirror and a second grating. This collimated quasi-white beam is then directed to an echelle grating and the output spectrum from the echelle is finally focused on a linear photodiode array detector. The optical configuration and characteristics of this instrument will be presented along with spectra obtained with the use of an ICP source illustrating its spectral characteristics for atomic emission spectrometry.