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Infrared Specular Reflection Spectroscopy of Rough Metallic Substrates

Volume 59, Number 7 (July 2005) Page 904-911

Caron, Jerome; Jacquet, Denis

A study of the infrared reflectance of rough metallic surfaces is presented. We show that one reflectance measurement, made in the specular direction under specific conditions, allows the accurate calculation of the shape of the roughness histogram. As a theoretical background, we use modified expressions from Kirchhoff theory for surface scattering. To illustrate our method, we present experimental results obtained with surfaces having a multimode histogram, which means having several different populations with distinct peaks. For these surfaces, we observe oscillations in the regularly decreasing reflectance (with decreasing wavelength) that are created by a partial interference phenomenon between the peaks. To our knowledge, this effect is presented for the first time in the literature. Our study demonstrates that some very useful information can be obtained in the infrared spectrum of metallic substrates, although they do not have any absorption band. We hope that our results help further the understanding of complex spectral data obtained on such scattering substrates covered with organic films.