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Rotating Surface Scanning Technique for Raman Spectroscopy

Volume 28, Number 3 (June 1974) Page 279-281

Zimmerer, N.; Kiefer, W.

The difficulty in recording Raman spectra of highly absorbing samples has been circumvented recently by the introduction of the rotating Raman sample technique. This technique appears to be a general solution for the study of highly absorbing materials which would decompose because of the localized heating of the focused laser beam if the conventional static excitation method were employed. Because of its simplicity the rotating Raman sample technique is very useful for laser-excited resonance Raman studies where excitation within strong absorption bands of the molecule under investigation is required. However, in some cases—for instance, at very low temperatures—it is complicated or even impossible to rotate the sample and keep it cold at the same time. Some developments have been made in this direction for moderately low temperatures.