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An Improved Pneumatic Nebulizer for Use at Low Nebulizing Gas Flows

Volume 28, Number 3 (June 1974) Page 285-286

Kniseley, Richard N.; Amenson, Harry; Butler, Constance C.; Fassel, Velmer A.

The common flames and electrical plasmas used for atomic absorption, emission, or fluorescence analytical techniques require a device to convert the solution to be analyzed into an aerosol, which is subsequently transported into the flame or plasma. Pneumatic nebulizers have been extensively employed for this purpose. In some systems, particularly those associated with inductively coupled plasmas, it is necessary to employ nebulizers that function efficiently at low nebulizing gas flow rates of about 1 liter/min. Although batch-type ultrasonic nebulization systems offer a potential solution to this problem, they are less convenient to use and more complex in construction. Direct impingement ultrasonic nebulizers are more convenient to use, but solutions of high salt and/or acid content may erode the coating on the piezo-electric crystal or the transducer transfer plates.