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Ligands with the "ONNN" Group as Chelating and Preconcentrating Substances of Heavy Metal Ions: Aroylhydrazone Derivatives from Di-2-Pyridyl Ketone

Volume 40, Number 7 (Oct. 1986) Page 1058-1062

Garcia-Vargas, M.; Belizón, M.; Hernández-Artiga, M.P.; Martinez, C.; Pérez-Bustamante, J.A.

The synthesis of the electronic and infrared spectra of di-2-pyridyl ketone salicyloylhydrazone (DPKSH) and di-2-pyridyl ketone benzoylhydrazone (DPKBH) is reported. Ultraviolet absorption spectra have been applied for determining the dissociation constants: DPKSH, pK1 = 3.5 and pK2 = 6.85; DPKBH, pK1 = 2.75 and pK2 = 10.6. These pKa values are interpreted as a function of the ortho-position of the OH group. Chelating properties of both tridentate ligands have been investigated. DPKSH forms a larger number of metal chelates in acidic media than does DPKBH. Also, it is concluded that DPKSH is a more suitable compound than DPKBH to preconcentrate and to determine heavy metal ion traces as it is inferred from the data obtained by flame AAS.