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The Influence of Matrix Anion on Characteristics of the Arc Plasma and on Spectrochemical Determinations

Volume 28, Number 3 (June 1974) Page 238-241

Rybarova, .; Todorović, M.; Vukanović, V.

The influence of the matrix anion in CdO and CdCl2 was studied. Radial distributions of temperature and electron density in the arc plasma were measured. For CdCl2 matrix, a higher arc temperature and electron density as well as higher radial gradients of these values have been observed. Spectral line intensities (with background corrections) of trace elements were investigated in both matrices. Elements evaporate faster from chloride matrix. This causes in the beginning an intensity increase of lines compared with CdO matrix. But in determinations with exposure time long enough to ensure complete vaporization of traces from oxide matrix, an enhancement of integral line intensities of traces in CdO, compared with CdCl2 matrix, has been observed.