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Mid-infrared Fiber-Optic Attenuated Total Reflection Spectroscopy of the SolidLiquid Phase Transition of Water

Volume 59, Number 4 (April 2005) Page 460-466

Millo, Arnon; Raichlin, Yosef; Katzir, Abraham

Measurements of mid-infrared (MIR) absorption spectra of water and heavy water were carried out by fiber-optic evanescent wave spectroscopy, using silver halide (AgClBr) infrared fibers. Such measurements were performed for the first time on one sample, during the solid-liquid phase transition. From the variation of the spectra with temperature we found a new isosbestic point (at 3280 cm−1 for H2O or at 2475 cm−1 for D2O) and we identified five components of the O-H (O-D) stretch band. These phenomena have provided new information about the molecular structure of water.