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Infrared Spectra of Trimethylamine-Carbon Monoxide-Borane and Its Deuterated Derivatives

Volume 28, Number 5 (Oct. 1974) Page 427-430

Carter, James C.; Luther, George W.; Moyé, Alfred L.

Low temperature infrared spectral data are given for the adducts H3BC(O)N(CH3)3, D3BC(O)N(CH3)3, H3BC(O)N(CD3)3, D3BC(O)N(CD3)3 over the range 3000 to 300 cm−1. Boron-11 NMR data are given for H3BCO and H3BC(O)N(CH3)3. The spectra allow the assignment of the structure of the adducts as (CH3)3N→C=O→BH3.