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A Simple Device for Renewing Contact Surfaces on Carbon Rod Atomizers

Volume 28, Number 6 (Dec. 1974) Page 590-590

Johnson, G.W.; Skogerboe, R.K.

Nonflame atomizers, such as the carbon rod system marketed by Varian-Techtron (model 63), are enjoying increasing use in the analytical laboratory. Two difficulties have been encountered in our utilization of the carbon rod system. Alignment of the sample atomization tube with the exit aperture is tedious but essential if baseline drift is to be avoided. In addition, continued use eventually results in deterioration of the contact surfaces between the graphite support legs and the sample atomization tube. When this occurs, the heating cycles change dramatically, and arcing to the body of the assembly may occur. While this problem can be corrected by installation of new graphite support legs, the cost of replacement is inordinate in comparison to the cost of other graphite products.